We offer construction of roads including all the three steps, setting out, earthworks and paving construction. Earthworks activities like cut-and-fill, compaction are done using a tractor shovel, grader or bulldozer, compactors and rollers. Subgrade preparation including removal of poor material replacing with selected fill, compacting subgrade to a high dry density, providing adequate subsoil drainage, soil stabilization methods such as the use of cement, bituminous materials or chemicals, sub-base preparation using crushed stone or dry lean concrete, polythene anti friction membrane sheeting are also offered.
We offer both flexible and rigid paving on top of which the surfacing is made up of the base layer and the wearing course. The main materials that are used are hot rolled asphalt (HRA), dense bitumen macadam (DBM), dense tar macadam (DTM) and porous asphalt (PA). We offer rigid paving that consists of a reinforced or unreinforced concrete slab laid over a thin granular base course above which layer of asphalt or similar topping is done if required.

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